Image by frank mckenna


Collectively diving into the power of Rhythm!

Workshops offer a wonderful opportunity to immerse into the carrying and connecting power of Rhythm throughout several sessions.

With the TaKeTiNa® Rhythm Method different rhythmic structures can be explored through voice, steps and hand movements. This setting allows us to enter into a state of flow while our perception widens and we become more aware and sensitive to our inner experience as well as to what is happening around us.


Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Sound and Conscious Movement flow dynamically into the rhythmic process to support the integration of this experience.

In a protected environment you can make your own individual journey while enjoying the dynamics of a group experience.


I love to facilitate Workshops in different settings, from organized workshops, offerings in the course of retreats or festivals to online events.

Within the PulseMotion Framework I work together with various facilitators of different backgrounds. The knowledge, practice and personality of each individual creates spaces of experience that are characterized by different dynamics, characters and focuses. In that way


I can meet new possibilities of growing, teaching ... and I can gain new
inspirations for projects and Collaborations.