The healing power of Rhythm

Rhythm is omnipresent, in and around us; from our heartbeats, our breathing cycles to the changing of the seasons...

As rhythmic beings, we carry the knowledge of Rhythm and its' Archetypes (Pulsation, Subdivision and Cycles) in us. This inner wisdom can be used as a resource for the revival and accompaniment of creative development, empowerment and healing processes.

TaKeTiNa® is a way to mobilize this inner knowledge. It is a rhythmic exercise as well as meditation practice and a path of discovery. It uses the body as an instrument so that rhythm can be experienced directly and profoundly. The resulting sensual encounter with different rhythmic structures in our voice, with steps and hand movements, widens our perception and we can more easily connect with what is alive in us at the present moment.

We experience our life and the world around us as we encounter polarities such as Day and Night, Male and Female, Sadness and Joy, Tension and Relaxation ... Within the fluctuation between the polarities of chaos (falling out of rhythm) and order (being in rhythm) TaKeTiNa® offers the opportunity to welcome the state of "not knowing" and to experience it as a creative force which can be used to maneuver more easily through the complexity of daily life.

TaKeTiNa® Rhythm Process was founded by the Austrian musician and composer Reinhard Flatischler in 1970 and is used in various areas of education, therapy and coaching (e.g. Basel University of Music, Heiligenfeld Specialist Clinic).


I personally feel very touched by TaKeTiNa®, because it ...

... works with the everlasting resource of Rhythm which is deeply connected to us.

... can bring out the rawest and pure self in everyone.
... moves profoundly and can let us experience groundless joy.
... is a way to connect deeply with ourselves and the people and the world around us.

... shows that rhythmic development goes hand in hand with personal growth.

... provides one of the most wonderful ways to learn and meditate with an instrument.” 

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Main Instruments used in the TaKeTiNa® Rhythm Work

Two main instruments are used to accompany the Rhythm Journeys. Their soundscapes invite you to move, sing and enter the flow of rhythm:


The Surdo is a double-headed, cylindrical bass drum from Brazil. It has a very present, warm and resonant sound and is usually played to accompany the steps. It contributes to stability, being grounded and reinforces the carrying qualities of Rhythm.

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The Berimbau is a single-string musical bow. The origins of this instrument lie in Africa even though it became famous for its use in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of “Capoeira”. The Berimbau play supports the vocals in the rhythm journeys. It brings an airy, joyful and explorative atmosphere.

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