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Open - Connect - Empower - Expand

With PulseMotion I create a space to explore Rhythm and Movement as elemental forces for Well-being, Personal Development and Rhythmic Expression.

Workshops and Individual Sessions provide the opportunity to open to our inner rhythmic knowledge and move and expand into empowerment and living our potential. Meditation, Sound, Breathing Exercises and Conscious Movement practices support these processes. Together they stimulate and balance our motor, sensory, emotional and cognitive experiences. In that way Flexibility, Creativity, Intuition and a deeper sense of Trust arise naturally.


PulseMotion Events and Offerings are a joyful yet profound way for both rhythmic development and personal growth.

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PulseMotion - Elements


Rhythm is the pulse of life and thus a carrying and everlasting resource which we first experienced in our mother's womb.

As rhythmic beings we are bound to rhythmic processes but also feel very often out of rhythm or cut off from life. Pulse Motion uses the TaKeTiNa® Rhythm Method to reconnect us with this internal wisdom and thus with our deepest core.


Take a break, relax your mind and body while ... MOVING!

Meditative practices are a way to enter into the present moment, into the NOW. They help to calm the mind and to stop compulsive thinking. Even more they regenerate and energize us.

Dynamic Rhythm Meditations combine Meditation with Movement providing a profound somatic experience while our perception widens.


Like Rhythm, Movement is a vital force in our lives. Every rhythmic action is characterized by motion. No matter if we are playing an instrument, if we breathe, walk or talk.

Movement turns a thought into action, transforms energy, manifests change, brings ideas to life ... Bringing AWARNESS to movement is a way to change the dynamic in our life, live and act healthier.

Yoga and Feldenkrais practices inspire the somatic approach that I apply in my workshops and sessions.


Sound & Music can move us physically and emotionally. They nourish us, help us release tensions and find relaxation.

Rhythm Journeys as well as Dynamic Rhythm Meditations or Instrument lessons contain a lot of information for our body and nervous system to process. With various instruments and sounds I provide a space to integrate these experiences and to support your individual journey.

In collaboration with my partner Maxime Le Royer we initiated the project “IM-pulse – Evolution through Rhythm and Sound” in which we combine Rhythm Journeys with Sound Journeys.


Breath is the fuel of life and a bridge between our body and mind.

It indicates our emotional and physical states as it reacts to every movement, thoughts, emotions and physical contact.

We also have the possibility to turn it around and breathe consciously in order to influence and balance these states.

How fast or slow, how deep or shallow we breathe brings more tension or relaxation to the body, lightness or heaviness to our emotional state, calm or agitation to the mind...

Conscious breathing techniques such as Pranayama support presence, openness, a sense of being grounded and contribute to a general well-being. They are a wonderful tool to start an event and to tune into it together.