About Iris Jesse


What moves me

My name is Iris Jesse and I am an Advanced TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process Facilitator, Percussionist, Practitioner of Healing Arts. I love to immerse into the world of rhythm, sound and movement, providing a space for rhythmic and moreover personal development through these powerful tools.


I was born and raised in the south of Austria as one of five children. Very early I discovered my wanderlust and the joy to explore different smells, colors, sounds and especially different (Life)-Rhythms… fascinated by the pace of people walking, the various flow of languages, the beauty of the seasons in different places, the diversity of musical grooves from one culture to another…

… rhythm moves me!


Before diving more playfully into the world of rhythm

I studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology where

I gained a lot of insights into complex body rhythms

and the consequences when out of balance.

In 2009 my urge to connect more with the art and

healing force of rhythm grew stronger and I started to

learn how to play traditional West African rhythms on

Djembe and base drums in Austria and Mali.

I was introduced to the TaKeTiNa-Rhythm method in

2010 which gave me a profound rhythmic orientation

and moreover contributed to my personal and spiritual

development as a consequence of the therapeutic and

creative aspects this work contains.


Following my heart’s calling I participated in several TaKeTiNa Rhythm Trainings since 2011, up to completing the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher Training in 2015.

Concomitant to my immersion into the rhythmic way I trained with Daniel Preto („La Voix Humaine“), Lisa Sokolov („Embodied Voice Work“) and Christian Zehnder („Touch Your Voice“) exploring profound ways to open and free the voice and encounter oneself unvarnished and pure.



Since 2015 I have been facilitating in Austria and internationally and in different settings (workshops, festivals, retreats, ceremonies, individual courses …) refining my offers by adding different practices such as Meditation, Conscious Breathing, Movement and Sound. 


After I had been living in Vienna for 11 years I decided that I was ready for a change and moved to the south of France where I also started the project “IM-pulse – Evolution through Rhythm and Sound” with Multi-Instrumentalist and Yogini Maxime Le Royer in November 2019.

I completed the Advanced TaKeTiNaTeacher Training in February 2020 and currently I am in the training to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner.