Dynamic Rhythm Meditations

Take a break, relax your mind and body while ... MOVING!

Dynamic Rhythm Meditations are active meditations where the body is in motion. Different rhythms / rhythmic structures are introduced and can be expressed throughout this process with the voice, steps and by creating sounds with various instrument combinations (Shaker, Castagnette, Conga, Cajon, Tschanggo,...) using the left and right hand independently. With these simultaneous actions our perception widens giving us the chance to more profoundly connect with the present moment and feel what is alive in us.

With the sounds and vibrations of the instruments, our own voice and body movements we can enter a state of deep relaxation while being highly alert at the same time.

Train your brain

Moreover this setting trains the control and coordination of the right and left hemisphere of the brain. Our nervous system gets stimulated and new neuronal pathways are developed. This contributes to a higher degree of Flexibility, awakens our Intuition and Creativity and ultimately gives space for new ways of acting and possibilities for expressing our art and living our daily lives.

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Building Resilience

As the gate to complex rhythms opens we can familiarize with the state of “not-knowing” and chaos when we fall out of the rhythmic structure. In that way we also have the opportunity to find back into it again on a much deeper level. With every additional information in the rhythmic process we are facing a challenge which lets us reorganize and grow. Working with this practice on a regular basis promotes Resilience in a very effective way.

A new way of learning

In Workshops as well as in Individual lessons I create a space where you can learn according to your own pace. The more you have the opportunity to take yourself the time you need to open to the information provided the more profound and the faster it can manifest. Throughout this opening process, actions (playing instruments, singing, moving) and your consciousness can merge, resulting into a state of flow and groundless joy.

Another aspect for more joyful and effective learning processes is to welcome “mistakes”. Falling out of the rhythm is immanent to find back into it again. Every time we experience that our system re-organizes and gains flexibility.

Zen Stones

Rhythmic and Personal Development

The different aspects of DRMs such as the reorganization of synaptic connections, the promotion of resilience and the alternative learning approach contribute to Personal Development. We learn how to act with a greater sense of trust in creative new ways.

In addition to the rhythmic core-work I also work with the Breath, Sound and Conscious Movement to support the learning process and to provide space for integration.

This holistic approach is also a perfect way to start learning an instrument, promote improvisation abilities and gain rhythmic security.

Rhythmic Development and Personal Growth go hand in hand.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.