Hands Up

Collaborative Projects

Merging Practices!

Working together with various facilitators and practitioners of different backgrounds is a great way to merge knowledge, experience, style and practices.

Both the participants and me as a facilitator can benefit from different approaches put together to something new and inspiring.

IMpulse - Evolution through Rhythm and Sound

"IMpulse" is an exciting collaborative project with my partner Maxime Le Royer.

We love to sing and play music, circle, connect, listen, share... 

In our workshops and private lessons we explore the powerful tools of Rhythm and Sound in a playful way. 

TaKeTiNa® Rhythm method, Sound Journeys and Rhythm Meditations helps us feel, allow and express what moves us in the moment.


We discover ourselves, our creativity on this journey to deeper fulfillment and spiritual growth...


TaKeTiNa - Workshops with Stefan Vieweg

Stefan is a TaKeTiNa® rhythm process facilitator, Yoga teacher and Naturopath with focus on Psychotherapy, Couples therapy, Breathing and Body work and Supervision located in Erlangen, Germany.

With his therapeutic background, Stefan creates a wonderful container in which there is plenty of space for your own individual journey. Our joint workshops are a mixture of a profound immersion into the possibilities of rhythm paired with a lot of joy and ease.


Interested in creating something together?