Pulse in Motion



Rhythm & Movement

as powerful resources for PERSONAL  DEVELOPMENT and WELL-BEING

Be Consciously Moved

Rhythm is the pulse of life, omnipresent, from the beating of our hearts to the changing of the seasons. It is as much interconnected with movement as rhythmic development with personnel growth.


PulseMotion provides a way to open to inner wisdom and knowledge as rhythmic beings. With our Body, Instruments, and Voice we activate our Creativity and Intuition for a more conscious and fulfilled life. 



TaKeTiNa® – The healing power of Rhythm


Online Offerings

Rhythm Journeys, Meditation, Berimbau lessons...

Where? Just stay home.


Individual Sessions


Collaborative Projects

Collaborations with artists or practitioners of other healing disciplines.

Matched to your interests, wishes and needs to immerse in the world of Rhythm, Relaxation, Sound...

Pulse Motion provides offerings for people who...

... like to dive into the world of Rhythm and Movement.

...want to develop a more profound Rhythmic Orientation when playing music.
... are searching for a way to mobilize their Resources and live their full Potential.
... wish to gain physical, mental and emotional Resilience.

... are interested in playing percussive instruments.

... want to immerse in the magic of the Berimbau play.

... want to experience a new way of learning .

Curious if this is for you?



“It is always a great pleasure for me to facilitate workshops with Iris. With her natural manner and her cordial openness, she picks up the participants and guides them into new realms with a deeply rooted sense of rhythm and a wonderfully soft voice.”

Stefan Vieweg, TaKeTiNa – Rhythm Process Facilitator

Iris Jesse

Greetings, I am Iris Jesse.

 I am an Advanced TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process Facilitator, Percussionist, Practitioner of Healing Arts. I love to immerse into the world of rhythm, sound and movement, providing a space for rhythmic and moreover personal development through these powerful tools.

“Respect your uniqueness and drop comparison. Relax in your being. "


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